Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well, since I haven't been working, I'm been writing. . .

With Mark's book coming out and everything, it's got me thinking a lot about getting a book of my own out into the world. No, I don't have a complete mansuscript done yet. But I have been working on that YA fantasy novel of mine for some time now. I know it won't be done for years, but I'd really like to try to get it published, and that incentive has got me working on it more lately. I have this habit of getting on a roll, writing a bunch of pages, and then leaving the manuscript sit for months before I pick it up again. So, I was very happy when I started my computer up and wrote over 1,000 words on it two days in a row! I hope this is the beginning of something great.

I've also been researching PublishAmerica, where Mark published his book, as a possible publisher for my YA novel. So far, I haven't seen any negative feedback on it, and Mark has had a good experience. I've also been looking at LuLu for a special project that may happen a lot sooner. (I'm not sure how many details I am going to include here.)

My summer classes start next week. I'm taking the Craft of Nature and Environmental Writing, a special topics course on performance poetry, and a trip to Trinidad, all of which I am sure will generate lots of new work!

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