Saturday, September 19, 2009

Angeline Will Be Traveling and more updates

Angeline will be making an appearance at the Orange County Children's Book Festival on October 4, 2009. I wish I could go with her! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to send a copy of Angeline Jellybean and some promotional materials to the festival through the website AuthorsDen.

Recently, I've been writing for a brand new online magazine called Robin Falls Magazine. It is run by April Robins, leader of the Red River Writers group on Facebook. The magazine contains two sections. Red River Writers is where writers share tips, short stories, and book reviews. Robin Falls Kids for children, parents and teachers contains activities, poems, short stories, and reading advice. I have written two book reviews and an article about online promotion for writers, which will appear in the first issue this winter!

All this, and I'm gearing up for NaNoWriMo and the Muse Online Writer's Conference, too!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What does it mean to be a "real" writer?

Over at Nancy Famolari's blog, there's a discussion going on over what it means to be a "real" writer.

I was flabbergasted when I read that Nancy had dealt with a group who defined "Published Author" as someone who had received an advance from a publisher. This rather snobby definition exclude authors who have been published in magazines, e-zines, e-books, self-published and by small presses who can't afford to offer advances.

Nancy asks the question: "What does it mean to be a real writer?"

Personally, I distinguish the terms "writer" and "author." A writer is one who writes. Anyone can be a writer. A writer becomes an author when he or she sees their work in print. They don't even have to receive a paycheck for their writing. The process of being published, regardless of the terms of that publishing, makes a writer an author.

Although some means of publishing are more socially acceptable than others, they are all valid methods.

What do you think? What makes a "real" writer?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Book Trailer for Angeline Jellybean!

After months of procrastinating, I have finally made a book trailer for Angeline Jellybean. The process wasn't as hard as I thought, and in fact was lots of fun! I made the video using Windows Movie Maker, a free, easy to use program that came with my computer. You can now view the video on YouTube! I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Interview with Deborah Weed

Could you tell us more about the interactive, original musical that you are putting together for children and their families?

Yes! Since my background includes creating and producing theatrical experiences for both
children and adults, I have learned something very important. If you want someone to really
remember something and make learning FUN, then put your words to music.

Have you ever created and produced a children’s musical before?

Yes! I created and produced The Sticky Bun Bandits. It was a riot. The music included everything from rock-n-roll, pop, and reggae, to hip hop.

What was The Sticky Bun Bandits about?

It helped children understand the what solutions are through my main characters: Wickelsnaker, a grandpa; his grandchildren, Sarah and Drew, and a multi-colored zebra called Jammin. I branded them “Solution’s Tour Guides.” Their first adventure was to help Big Ant find out where the greedy Sticky Bun Bandits were hiding all of the sugar, yeast and dough in Sweetland.

Where were the shows performed?

The cast performed at Malls; festivals; schools; parties, etc. I built it into a show that had a
tremendous demand.

Are you still doing the production?

No, right when I was at the top of the game, I experienced a health challenge that derailed my

What have you learned from that experience?

Great question. I learned that success is not what I thought it was. Success to me, is being happy moment to moment. If I am having fun doing what I am doing, that is enough.

How will The Luckiest Penny be different?

Before, I wanted to prove what I was capable of. I did that. This time around, I want to share my wisdom and expertise with others so that they can shine!

Is there anything else that you would like to share with my readers?

Yes! Never, ever give up! We always hear these words and it can sound like platitudes. However,if you’ve lived a “Chutes and Ladders” type of life like I have, then you can say it from a different place--a place where it is not an exchange of words but an exchange of energy from the heart!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet Deborah Weed, Author of "The Luckiest Penny"

Deborah Weed has had an extensive thirty-year career in marketing/entertainment that has
included everything from being: Director of Marketing for Fame International responsible for a
26 million-dollar pavilion; Director of Development for Citibank; Creator/Producer of
“Sensations”; “The Disappearance of Dino Dinero”; “The Sticky Bun Bandits”; “Compassionate
Chip Cookies & Milk,” etc. . .

A life threatening health challenge redirected Weed’s life. She got stuck and realized that people
defined her by the circumstances, rather than by a lifetime of experiences. After regaining her
mojo, Weed decided to leap into the world of writing, inspirational speaking and coaching so that
she could provide a shortcut for others who are experiencing disappointment and feeling

“The Luckiest Penny,” is Weed’s first book. “The Luckiest Penny” is the story of two rare 1943
pennies. One penny remains out of circulation, full of himself and selfish, caring only about how
much money he is worth. The other penny decides to experience living and along the way
discovers what really matters in life.

“This book was written to give children a healthy set of values that will assist them on their
journey in life. I want them to remember what is really important so that they don’t get
discouraged by life’s ups and downs,” said Weed. The book’s genre is a fable/allegory and the
illustrations by Ernest Socolov, transport the reader into the alternative world of a penny who is
tarnished and yet loved!

An all original, musical interactive production is being created and produced for “The Luckiest
Penny.” The show should be ready in November.

Weed is currently working on: a second children’s book with collaborator Ellen Brazer; a book
that shares her father’s wisdom (The working title is “Dancing on my Father’s Shoes) and a
social network to help people of all ages and background get unstuck.

Weed is also an award-winning artist. Water sculptures are the primary medium for her mixed media pieces. The result is a salubrious technique that takes color into a new arena of purity that is vivid, fluid and alive.

Born and raised in Miami, Weed is blessed with a loving family and friends that are her
More about Deborah: