Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free Lunch?

So, my friend Sarah told me about this lit mag called Free Lunch that advertises free subsciptions to all who submit. Sarah and I both submitted.

They're liars. Not only did they send both of us scathing "comments" (I'm beginning to believe that all of those journals who just send form letters have the right idea), they also had a box checked that said something like "Cannot provide a free subsciption based on work submitted." Can you believe that? Sarah and I were both upset. They even had the nerve to call one of Sarah's poems "not poetry" and tell me to not use "personal anecdotes."

Needless to say, they'll never get my endorsement, or my poetry, again.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you publish the poems for us to read on your blog -- and the letters sent to you by Free Lunch?

Sarah said...

lies lies lies free subscription my arse. yeah, i was rather disheartened. it's not like i sent something i just scribbled in crayon on toiletpaper off. the least they could do was follow thru on the free subscription to all poets who submit!