Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Writer's Group

So, I went to my children's writers group full of people from the class I had with Kathy Ayres, which meets every Monday night. . .

I workshopped "Samual Modico III, Sleuth of the Sixth Grade, and the Mystery in the Nurse's Office."

So, considering that I finished it yesterday, I'd say it came out pretty decent. I know it still needs a lot of work, though. Writing it served two purposes to me: 1) to educate children about diabetes, and 2) as a form of therapy and research to deal with Mark's diabetes issues. I'm afriaid that I accomplished #2 more successfully than #1, though.

It was kind of hard for me to write-- all of the research in the world doesn't really prepare you like real-life experience does, and even though I've certainly had some of that, I don't know that I've had enough of the right kind, if that makes any sense.

At any rate, I'm proud of myself for having written anything at all this week. It wasn't my thesis, but it was something important and it was fun to write. I'll be revising it in the near future; I really feel like if I did it now, I would go on overload. It's already taken over my life for an entire weekend. Maybe I'll put the second draft up on the SCBWI critique boards.

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