Sunday, September 7, 2008


I dislike revisions. It's just not fun to me anymore. I'm not sure why. Right now, I'm attempting to do first revisions on my thesis, and it's boring me. I'm grumbling through it. haha. I'd much rather be writing something brand new. But, it is a necessary part of being a writer, not to mention these particular revisions are required for me to graduate with my MFA, so I have to do it.

If I'm acting this way with the minor revisions, I don't know how I'm going to get through any major restructuring that needs done-- and believe me, I know there has to be some!

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sarah said...

the trick is to flip a switch in your brain from writing mode to revision mode. revision is a very creative process, but it is totally different than the initial writing of it...not usually as generative, but more like making a puzzle fit together when you don't have all the pieces... :). easier said than done, i know, but if you can train your brain that it's two different processes, but each very creative, it can make it feel a little less boring....