Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More About Mini Mysteries & Kooky Spookies

Title: Mini Mysteries & Kooky Spookies
Authors: Stephanie Campisi, Calvin Innes, Dorothy Massey, Marcia Nass
Summary: Mini Mysteries & Kooky Spookies is a collection of one dozen mysteries and spooky stories for early readers. The book features six simple everyday mysteries that readers can solve along with six not-so-scary tales of some hauntingly memorable spooks. The three stories written by Dorothy Massey feature the ghost twins Wiggle and Woo.

Available from and (You can also purchase it by clicking on the cover to the right, nestled betweeen Angeline Jellybean and The Art of Science ;-) )

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Janet, said...

that sounds like a really neat book!