Monday, July 13, 2009

Contest: Help Angeline Taste the World!

Angeline came to me with a problem today. She is tired of living on the farm and wants to see the world! I’m afraid her sweet tooth is back. She told me she’s heard that Ocean City has some great salt water taffy, Hershey, Pennsylvania has the best chocolate, and she can’t wait to get her hands on some Turkish delight!

I promised Angeline I’d help her try as many sweet treats as possible. To achieve her goal, she must visit as many of you as possible! Here’s how you can help:

1) If you’ve already purchased a copy of Angeline Jellybean, let me know what city or state you live in, and what candies Angeline has tried there, in a comment below.
2) If you haven’t purchased Angeline Jellybean yet, what are you waiting for? Angeline is hungry for new types of candy. There are several ways you can buy the book:
*Order it on
*Order it from the publisher, 4RV Publishing
*Go to your local bookstore and ask them to order a copy for you

Once you order Angeline Jellybean, leave a comment below listing your city or state and what candy you’re going to give Angeline. Post your message by August 13th, 2009 and you could win a prize!

Now, here’s the fun part! On or after August 15th 2009, I will choose one person at random to receive a very special prize of jellybeans from, courtesy of me!

Good luck! (And let’s hope that Angeline doesn’t get sick from eating all this candy!)


Rena said...

My boys & I have read Angeline Jellybean many times now and the book always makes us crave jelly beans.

Angeline LOVES Montana because of our famous huckleberry products. She loves huckleberry taffy, but it was really hard to pull her away from the huckleberry jellybeans!

Ransom Noble said...

I read Angeline Jellybean to my daughter, even though she's only 3 months old and doesn't know what jellybeans are yet!

I have two copies, because Mom was afraid I wouldn't share with baby, so the second one traveled from Fayetteville, Arkansas here to Des Moines, Iowa. She likes it better with me - I shared baklava from our block party while my mom made her have sugar-free granola bars.

Dawn Embers said...

That is such an awesome idea. I wish I had the book. Maybe some day soon I'll get it. I think you have a really cool promotional idea here. Have fun.

Laurie said...

Since Pittsburgh is the birthplace of the Clark Bar, I think Angeline should eat one whenever she is here.

But, sadly, I've never tried one myself or offered one to her.

Maybe today will be our lucky Clark Bar testing day?

Vivian Zabel said...

What a delightful idea, Crys.

I bought my own copy of Angeline Jellybean, and Oklahoma is the home of Fields Pecan Pies, the best in the world. So, I offered her a slice. Now her diet of sweets is more varied.

Your promotion idea is very creative and definitely appropriate.

Go, Crystalee and Angeline.

Deb Hockenberry said...

Hi Crys,
Has Angeline ever been to Altoona? There are so many changes here that I'll bet she would like it.

I'll bet too that she would like some pretzels from Benzels Pretzels made right here!

Deb Hockenberry said...

Hi again Crys,
I forgot to put my information in (like you don't know it)! I'm in Altoona, PA & I think Angeline would enjoy Benzels Pretzels. I think it would broaden her horizons!
Deb :-)

Beth Bence Reinke said...

I have a copy of Angeline and love to read it and look at the colorful illustrations.

If Angeline comes to York, PA she can try some Wolfgang chocolates. They come in all shapes and sizes, some with nuts, caramel or peanut butter.