Saturday, October 31, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009

Today is my last day of sanity. NaNoWriMo begins in just about 12 hours! It is the one month of the year I both love and despise. Despite my excitement yesterday, today I feel anxious and doomed. I've realized just how many of my writing friends have actually completed this seemingly impossible task. Some even twice! And here I am, a third time participant, still looking to take home the gold.

I have a couple of things on my side this time. I don't have school or a job to get in the way. I could theroetically sit in front of my laptop all day and just write. I don't have super fantastic Thanksgiving plans like usual. I have completed a complex, month-long NaNoPrep program on I am more prepared than ever. But, I do have the task of strengthening my YA novel up enough to subit it to a contest, judging some contests on, putting together a newsletter, job searching, and taking the pesky Praxis test. So, despite my boy scout-like preparedness and the fact that I'm best friends with my characters, I'm under more pressure than every. Not to mention trying to keep up with my two online writing group friends who have both finished NaNo twice!

Good luck to everyone who is declaring their insanity tomorrow. See you December 1st in the looney bin!


Paper Cut said...

Best of luck to you. I'm in NaNo too. This is going to be my second time. I completed the task in 2006. Did my MFA at Pacific you the next 2 years and now I'm back.

my handle is johnggorman if you wanted to buddy up


Dawn Embers said...

*cheers* You can do it!

My third attempt was the first time I made it. Third times a charm, or so they say.