Friday, September 7, 2007

Spotlight on: Bill Deasy

Bill Deasy is the singer/songwriter behind the catchy music for KDKA's new campaign "My Home." I'm sure you've seen the spot a million times on KDKA. I just discovered this Pittsburgh native myself, and I dig his musical style. I would describe him as rock/folk, but I'm not so good at clasifying music... anyway, check out his website, friend him on Myspace, and all that jazz! Oh, and for those of you in Pittsburgh, he will be having a CD release party and performance at Club Cafe on the Southside tomorrow night, September 8, starting at 7PM. You can check out the details on his website . He will also be performing in my little hometown of Altoona on September 12th at the Railroader's Museum. He's opening for The Clarks.

You may also be surprised to learn that Deasy is also a novelist. His first novel was Ransom Seaborn. I hear he's coming out with a second as well. I can't attest to his skills as a novelist, since I haven't read any of his work, but he might be worth checking it out.

The preceding commercial has been brought to you by a Pittsburgh writer who loves music, other writers . . . and just so happens to think that Bill Deasy is a hottie. ;-)

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