Monday, April 21, 2008

Love's Chance?

Anyone know how I can get some recent copies of Love's Chance magazine? Apparently, they're so small that they can't afford to pay for publication in copies. I feel kind of dumb not knowing what kind of quality the magazine is, even after I've been published in it. Especially because it seems like they published me so quickly. I'm going to write a letter, but if anyone knows anything about the publication, could you please let me know? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

You can order back or current issues of LOVE'S CHANCE MAGAZINE by writing them.
Google this: suzerain enterprises love's chance magazine

I know they are still going strong. They have James Schwartz lined up for a future issue.

AJ said...

Did you ever get a back copy of Love's Chance? I was published back in 06 and wanted a copy as well. Let me know if you can.
Thanks. AJ

Crystalee said...

Hi AJ,

I did not. In fact, I totally forgot about it. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Doug said...

i sent him three, i think in '06, maybe '07. he took all of them, two in one issue, one in the other. sent me one copy of one and two copies of the other one (i asked him for an extra copy of that one).

i forget the guy's name, but he was pretty cool. maybe you caught him at a bad time. it was a small journal, but not too small to give away copies when i dealt with him.

it's a pretty modest zine. nothing fancy. the cover art was kind of pretty but the layout/format was kind of simple. it has been around a while, around ten years or least his other journal has, Fighting Chance. so that says something.

the journal is listed in the Poet's Market as being a "beginner" publication. I wouldn't expect too much. If quality of magazine is what you're looking for, maybe send stuff to the more advanced magazines. they are clearly marked.

they are a hell of a lot harder to get in, but (usually) are much nicer publications.