Saturday, December 27, 2008

The History of Jellybeans

In honor of the Angeline Jellybean blog tour--which kicks off tomorrow-- here is a brief article on the history of the sugar-filled, egg-shaped concoctions, by

Angeline Jellybean can now be purchased at and the 4RV Publishing Store.

The Angeline Jellybean Blog Tour:

Ransom Noble at -December 28th
Vivian Zabel at -December 29th
Laura Peters at -December 30th
Elysabeth Eldering -December 31st
Susan Thompson at -January 1st
Sarah Adkins at -January 2nd
Lea Schizas at -January 3rd
Crystalee Calderwood at -January 4th


Vivian Zabel said...

What a good introduction to Angeline's tour.

Rena said...

Great link! If you've ever read my blog, you know I'm all into candy, especially old-time candy. I can stay on these silly candy links for hours. It's scary!

I love jelly beans. I always have. Easter was always a favorite time for me and I even love the black ones. I have a Jelly Belly dispenser downstairs. In fact, my upcoming 4RV book, The Marshmallow Man, has jelly beans in it. The little old lady uses jelly beans as buttons for her marshmallow friend.

Angeline Jellybean is a cute story and my boys really enjoyed it!