Monday, January 12, 2009

If a tree falls in the forest..

and no one is there to see it, does it really fall?

If you're writing a blog but not promoting it, and therefore no one is reading it, does it really exist?

And if people are reading, but not commenting, how are you supposed to know that they've found your forest?


Dawn Embers said...

Good questions.

Reminds me of a sci-fi story, one I actually understood. To sum it up, there was a box involved and a disease but if you didn't open the box you didn't know if the vial had been broken.

If you don't open the box, how do you know something is in it? lol...

But good point on writing and publishing. Can't expect everyone else to do the work.

Anonymous said...

good question. i almost stopped doing my blog because no one ever commented so i thought no one ever read. then people IRL told me they were reading so i have no idea....

Janet, said...

Of course, on both counts.
'Stat Counter' tells you people are coming and looking around, but as to why they don't comment, they only know. I feel if I am interested enough to read the post, if I have the time, I should comment. I believe comments add to the value of the post. I only wish other people thought the same.

Laurie said...

I'm trying to be better about leaving comments on blogs, because I know it encourages people to write, and it is really important to know that people appreciate what you've written.

But I write my own blog for me, I'm addicted :-) Hardly anybody comments but I keep right on posting. I guess I have issues.

If a thousand trees fall in the forest can you tell which one made the noise? Seems like my life has been cacophony this last few weeks.