Saturday, January 10, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Have you ever noticed that we are more productive as writers in different environments?

In my former apartment, I couldn't write anywhere but at the desk in my office. I have a laptop, so in theory I can write anywhere, but I just couldn't get myself in the zone in my bedroom, livingroom, or anywhere else.

I don't seem to have that problem in my new place. I actually spend most of my writing time on my bed.

Right now, I'm in a coffee shop with bright, colorful coffee-drinking goats painted on the walls and a variety of crazy music blasting from the speakers. I have found this placethe perfect locaation to work on my YA novel and blog.

Where do you write most effectively?


Dawn Embers said...

I find myself productive in different locations. My house doesn't have many comfortable places for writing right now. There is either my desk with the weird little chair I bought at Walmart, or the kitchen/living room that has a foldable table and chairs that look like they are going to class.

So, I also write at the coffeeshop, though am less productive cause of internet access. Same goes for when I'm on campus.

As part of my job, on the rare occasions that I work, I travel to other universities for tournaments and thus write at the schools and in hotels.

Having a laptop helps. :-)

Janet, said...

I do most of my writing sitting here at my computer desk on my laptop.
I'll run off a hard copy and take it with me in the car(a passenger in the car)or when I walk and read and edit.