Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5 Reasons Why Angeline Jellybean is the Perfect Easter Gift

Don't forget that April 12th is Easter! In honor of Easter, I bring to you the 5 Reasons Why Angeline Jellybean is the Perfect Easter Gift:

1. Books last longer than candy.
2. Slipping Angeline Jellybean into your child's Easter basket might act as a gentle warning before they tear open and devour all of their jellybeans and chocolate.
3. The vivid illustrations by Stephen Macquignon conjur up thoughts of spring.
4. Easter morning can become a time for learning about all holidays throughout the year as your kids read about Angeline.
5. At $9, it's more for your buck than fake Easter grass and dyed wicker baskets.

You can find Angeline Jellybean on and at the 4RV Store.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Laurie said...

I LOVE this!

It's yummy delicious.

Anonymous said...

we always got jelly beans for Easter when I was a kid, inside plastic eggs or in our easter basket. the way they tasted then, more spicy than fruity, i definitely would have rather had a book! lol. Now I guess they can get a book and jellybeans. I like those real fruit ones and some of the jelly bellys.