Monday, May 25, 2009

The Art of Science by Ransom Noble

Why did everything have to be working toward the future? At thirteen,
college seemed far away to Janie.

Things You didn't know about The Art of Science and author Ransom Noble:

  • Ransom wrote The Art of Science while taking a class in writing children's novels at the Institute of Children's Literature. It sat in a drawer for five years before she entered the contest at 4RV Publishing. She won the contest and it was published soon after.
  • When Ransom was revising the novel, she deleted a couple of characters. She also changed the title from Janie's Robot to The Art of Science on a suggestion by a friend at
  • Ransom worked two jobs while writing the novel: engineer and yoga teacher.
  • Ransom is the proud mother of "twins." The baby came first. The book followed about a week later.
  • When Ransom was in school, she got her highest art grades in Photography. Chemistry and Physics were her favorite science classes.
  • Ransom played trumpet in high school and now plays piano and is learning the guitar. She would like to start a jam session with a friend similar to the ones Janie enjoys in the book.
  • Ransom has never built a robot.

The Art of Science is Available at and the 4RV Publishing Store

About Ransom Noble:

An early love of reading and the sciences led Ransom into writing and a career in mechanical engineering. Believing determination can help one attain any goal, she constantly sets new goals for herself and encourages others in their quests for knowledge. She can often be found with her husband and their friends listening to music or playing games (every kind).

Her work includes "Qui's Contract,"a short story that appeared in Ruins Metropolis, June 2008 and The Art of Science, April 2009 by 4RV Publishing.



Amygdalia said...

Loved reading fun facts about Ms. Noble! Very cool . . . I did not know how the title evolved.

Ransom Noble said...

Thanks, Crystalee! And glad you enjoyed the 'behind the scenes' information, Amy.

Sarah Kiko said...

Name change based on a friend's suggestion? Hmm...sounds familiar... :-D

Anonymous said...

I didn't know all those things either (I knew a couple of them). I didn't even know the book had a different title to begin with. I like the published one a lot though!

Vivian Zabel said...

I'm just glad we got the book. *grin*

Ransom Noble said...

I'm glad to have changed the book so much. It's definitely better now.

Sarah, you were a huge help (and you know it).

Great to see you again, Shanachie and Vivian.

Dawn Embers said...

Wow. I didn't know about the writing it then letting sit in the drawer for awhile. Interesting.

Ransom Noble said...

Well, Dawn, as for stuffing it in a drawer- you're not supposed to do that.

Beth Bence Reinke said...

Ransom, I didn't know you took courses at the Institute of Children's Literature. Me too!

I feel like I know you little better after reading the facts. Thanks for hosting, Crystalee!

Ransom Noble said...

Well, really, I only took the one. And I'm sad to say I didn't finish it when life got in the way. Thanks for stopping by, Beth.